Some changes in GNOME Documents

As I said in the previous post, my contribution to GNOME was not limited to Google Summer of Code. In this cycle I continued to work mainly on GNOME Documents by fixing some bugs, polishing the GUI and adding a new feature. Since I’m doing this in my free time I didn’t work on it as much as I would like to, but I’m quite happy to be part of this community.

Empty states revamped

Now when the Documents, Collections or the Search view don’t show any item, different empty states are showed depending on the context. The empty states are more in-line with the latest GNOME design.gnome-documents-empty-states

Rearranged selection toolbar

Following the latest mockups, the buttons in the selection toolbar have been rearranged and some of them use icons now. This change has been made also in GNOME Photos.gnome-documents-selection

Sort by…

For this feature I modified some old patches from Arnel Borja and made a few adjustments. Now it is possible to sort the view by Author, Date and Name of the documents.gnome-documents-sort-by

That’s it! Hope you like it!



One thought on “Some changes in GNOME Documents

  1. What about multiple selection visibility? What I don’t like about the new selection interface is the difficulty to see what is already selected. When there are multiple icons, many of them thumbnails, select half of the icons randomly, then try to discern what is already selected. I wish the bluesish selection overlay remain visible when selecting much like Nautilus do


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