GUADEC: what a week!

So, another GUADEC is over. As I said in the previous post, this was my second time at the event. This time I’ve tried to be more involved: I applied for the volunteer team by helping with the catering which gave me the opportunity to meet the organizers (by the way, they are amazing!). Volunteering is a great experience, you have the opportunity to see some parts of the hard work that is behind the scene in a conference like GUADEC. I would recommend it to everyone!

Volunteering didn’t take away the time to attend to the talks that I was interested in. Just for mention a few:

If you want to see all the talks you can find them here or here, You should thank the CCC Video Operation Center for them!

But GUADEC isn’t all about talks, there were a lot of chatting, programming and being together. For each evening of the conference there were programmed events: a nice picnic with games, a pub night and a dinner.

Personally, I really enjoyed this GUADEC. It was really well organized and like the previous one, meeting the people you talk to for a year without seeing them helps a lot to discuss about the project. So I would like to thank again the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring me.

Next GUADEC will be in Manchester! So if you missed this, be prepared for the next! And if you are unsure about it, don’t be shy come to GUADEC: it’s full of lovely people.



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