Do you want to test GNOME Photos?

If you are interested in testing the latest version of GNOME Photos, now it will be easier than before!

Recently we made Photos available as a Flatpak application. This means that you can now run the latest, unstable version and help us to find regressions or general bugs. At this time to install the application you still need to use the command line.

See here for installing the Flatpak package, after that you just need follow the few steps described below.

Add the nightly platform and application repositories:

flatpak remote-add --gpg-import=nightly.gpg gnome-nightly
flatpak remote-add --gpg-import=nightly.gpg gnome-nightly-apps

Install the nightly GNOME platform:

flatpak install gnome-nightly org.gnome.Platform master

Install the nightly GNOME Photos:

flatpak install gnome-nightly-apps org.gnome.Photos master

And when you want to update, just run:

flatpak update

Bug reports are appreciated! You can report them here (a registration is needed).


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