A new collections dialog for Documents

This summer, as a Google Summer of Code Project,  I’m working on implement a new collections pattern for Documents. Let’s discuss the changes made so far!

The current dialog has some problems because it hasn’t a clear way to add a new collection and it lacks on some features like renaming and deleting a displayed collection. Although the missing features aren’t reachable from the collections dialog, it is already possible to rename from the property dialog and delete from the selection mode.

The new collections dialog at this time looks like this:


The collections are displayed more clearly and a new one can be added more easily. With the new design we also gained the ability to prevent duplicate collections names since we can disable the “Add” button if a collection with that name already exists.


If a collection has just been deleted, it can be restored with the “Undo” button.


And when renaming a collection the other rows are disabled.

This is what I’ve done until today. It took me a lot of time to reach the current state and I would like to thank my mentor Debarshi for being helpful and available at all times, and for answering all my questions just a second after I ask them.

The work-in-progress patch can be found here. Feedback is welcome, if you have any please let me know!